Thursday, May 31, 2012

Round 9

Signed up for a fitness class that is boxing based. A friend and I took boxing lessons for fitness last year, bought pink gloves and everything. The problem with it was that it was at an actual boxing gym. The guy who ran the place, coach Joe, couldn't get it through his head that we just wanted a new workout. We didn't want to actually punch anyone, like ever. And I was definitely not on board with being punched. Always on us about footwork and letting our guard down. He was so annoyed all the time that it wasn't fun anymore. I brought him a cupcake once, and he went easy on us that day, but it was short-lived.

So today I go to my first high intensity 30 minute boxing workout. I get to pull out the pink gloves again. I hope my arms don't cause me social embarrassment in a group setting as they are want to do. If I remember correctly, skipping for two minutes straight is harder than you can imagine, and my least favorite part of boxing. ADRIENNE!

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