Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Is the universe trying to tell me something?

So, I get my "going for a gym tour clothes on" you know the ones, they look sort of gymy but you wouldn't be expected to spontaneously workout in them. And I walk up to Elements (not Evolution, that's a bar) - door's locked, I peek through the window, the joints cleared out. I call the number, they have not moved, it's been disconnected, they're toast. What does this mean, when you looked over all of the gyms on Sunday, read all of their promises, carefully picked one, and they've gone out of business. The one that spoke to you, failed. Back to the computer to look up other gyms within walking distance, there are two. One does shit I've never seen before with silks and rubber, like the Pink MTV music awards act. The other is the exclusive gym of the bankers, so it's no surprise that the fees are outrageous. I go to the dance studio that my friend and I had been taking "La Blast" classes from and see about private lessons, that would be fun. $95 per lesson. Unless I can get fit in one lesson a week, this will not do. So I do it, I go to Barnes and scour the workout videos, don't judge me. I buy three, pilates and a mat, dance cardio and some 30 minute a day miracle, I can't resist those. I know what you're all thinking, a girl with the kind of historical hatred of working out needs others to motivate. Well, I also bought a bathing suit, and put it on, and stood in front of a full length mirror in bad light, and eventually opened my eyes. I have my motivation. It's third drawer down in my closet, and I will use it when necessary.

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