Friday, May 25, 2012

I feel like a big hunk of dodo

Too much red wine. My head was pounding so much this morning that my back teeth hurt. I didn't even think that I was drinking that much, but the evidence is overwhelming.

R sucker punched me last night. I met he and his boss down in our parking garage and he looked my outfit up and down, then looked at me and said nothing. Awesome, I can't change out of what I thought was a cute outfit into something else because they have arrived. So I was even more self conscious than usual the whole night. Two of the guys that came over have stunning wives, who I always feel inferior to. I just sat there talking to them imagining that they were looking at me and thinking, at least she can cook. I had changed six times before deciding what to wear, guess I should have stuck with #5.

My breakfast drink tastes horrible this morning. I don't feel funny today.

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