Monday, May 28, 2012

I've gone over to the dark side

And I mean that quite literally. It's fucking dark at 5 am. Yet there I was, at the track, me and the dark. And only one song loaded on my phone, that got old fast. I did a walking/run combo for and hour and 15 minutes. The run length was determined by my body's refusal to run any further and still maintain normal functions, like breathing. When I was able to breath again, I would run again. After I was finished that portion of the workout, I found a great little spot to wrap my resistance band around to do some arm exercises. Unfortunately, in this perfect little spot, I was immediately attacked by a herd of gnats, so I had to move. Undaunted, I finished my resistance workout, with intervals of suicides in-between each set and felt quite accomplished. I felt great, home, showered, fed and off to meet a decorating client. Then I came home and went into a coma on the sofa for two hours. I'm going to be sore as shit tomorrow, and the alarm is going to go off at 4:25.

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