Thursday, May 24, 2012

Moose-hunting lottery opens in Cape Breton

Ah, my people. However, not on board with eating moose.

R and I were watching the Giro d'Italia last night. As with all bicycle races, there are crazed fans at the tops of mountains who like to chase the riders for as long as they can. And I noticed something. These men that run alongside the riders screaming at them are usually less than fit, it's probably the most exercise they get all year. They love to take their shirts off so we can see their bellies bouncing along as they try and maintain the riders speed. Men. Imagine if you will the same scenario but with women, you can't. There will never be an instance where chubby women go and locate the fittest of fit girls they can find, waving there arms madly so that the camera can capture side by side image for posterity. Check out how I look next to this perfect specimen of woman. The moment where they show themselves to be chubby and desperate. Men don't care, and I'm jealous.

Dinner guests tonight. That means I have to cook really good food that I won't be able to resist. But I shouldn't have to. I've decided that I can eat whatever I like, just half of what I would normally. So I'm hungry, but not denied deliciousness. We are having a green salad with honey dijon dressing, boeuf bourguignonne with sautéed onions and mushrooms, roasted potatoes and chouquettes for desert. And I literally have to start cooking in 1/2 hour if I want to feed them at 7pm tonight.

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