Monday, May 7, 2012

The Gym Membership

We have just moved into a new place, that means new neighborhood, new gym. Or new company I give permission to take money from my account on a monthly basis in return for being able to say I belong to a gym. The gym is called Evolution, sounds promising. Mr. was up at 4:30am to go cycling. How, I ask you, am I expected to compete with this?! If it wasn't' difficult to park I would probably drive the 2 blocks to go to the gym because I hate being hot and we live in the south, but that seems extremely at odds with my current goal. So after I drive him to work, I will summon the correct amount of enthusiasm and head to were a super fit girl will pretend she understands my predicament. This woman who has been an athlete her whole life will tell me how she too hates going to the gym, as she walks me through the place for the tour, I will bounce a quarter off her ass. I will leave feeling accomplished, almost as though I have worked out, I was after all at the gym. I will of course require new workout clothes based on how the other women look, even though I will carefully time my workouts to hours when the gym is empty.

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