Tuesday, May 22, 2012


One pound. I've exercised every day, well, except when we were in Canada. I've cut my portions in half and I've lost one lousy pound. This is the time I start to think about drastic measures. Which only serves one purpose, making me immediately hungry. Right after I decide to do my shake for breakfast and lunch, my stomach starts to growl on cue. I need a cheerleader. But I want Jennifer Aniston, Madonna, Heidi Klum. An old bitch like me that had managed to keep her shit together. I want to eat with them everyday for a month and exercise with them. I hope they're paying. Maybe I should make a youtube video request to these ladies, it works for people who need dates. If I only new how to work the flip cam, and youtube. It would also mean taking a video of me, which I'm against. This is going to require some thought.

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