Monday, June 25, 2012

Bad Blogging Form

R told me that when you go on vacation you're supposed to tell your readers that you're going on vacation so that they don't think you just quit blogging. I was on vacation and will make sure I properly update you on my whereabouts in the future.

It's 8:35 am and I have been up for 4 hours. Logged 4 miles walking, cleaned the kitchen, made R's lunch, drove him to work, made my "Laura's trying to be heathy" shake and now I would very much like a nap. Oh, and the cat keeps barfing, which I've cleaned up three times, and the turtle shit all over our bathroom, which is very unusual for him, don't know what's up. But basically I think I've done a days work just in cleaning up animal fluids alone.

R and I went to Paris, my favorite place on the whole planet. I haven't had the nerve to look to see if the four pounds I lost are still lost or if I've found them. We basically ate Paris out of food. It was lovely! After being vegetarian for 13 years we've gone back on the meat, so we had menu options while there that were previously ignored and we had all of them. We've started eating meat again due in part to our son's decision to go to culinary school and me not wanting to pass up what he learns to cook.

Every morning for one week I had a croissant, cafe cream (coffee with steamed milk) and a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice. Can I just tell you that that kicks the shit out of my morning shake. During the rest of the day and night I basically just tried to consume as much cheese as possible. And I did a decent job with that. Only one hangover, and considering that we started drinking wine every day around lunch time I think that's pretty successful. Tip - 5 kir royals is too many, especially when combined with the wine you have with dinner.

Going to be hard core for 5 weeks, R isn't traveling so it's up every morning at 4:30 for exercise until the end of July. I should look amazing, except for the bags and dark circles under my eyes. I also have a renewed reason for dedicating myself to learning French, our friends in Paris said I can come and stay with them anytime I like for a week or two. R's a bit nervous I won't come back.

Our son will be leaving for Canada and then Italy for the summer next week. In return we will be getting an Italian. My son cooks, this kid better cook! He also better do laundry. He's going to have a hard transition otherwise, I have enough trouble keeping my own shit together.

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