Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Anniversary Eve

Well, 4 lbs, not too bad, honestly after the last time I weighed myself I wasn't expecting it.

And yesterday, after trying on three lovely dresses that didn't look nice at all I was feeling pretty discouraged - BUT, then I tried on the perfect dress and was all better. I can't wait to go meet up with R in NYC, it's going to be an epic day. I hope the rain holds off so that we can explore the city all day. And by explore, we usually walk for two hours, then stop somewhere and eat. We're not very touristy. I have many things that need attention today. I will do my nails tonight right before bed in an effort not to jack them up like I always do after spending 45 minutes filing and painting.

Nasty man just walked past my balcony holding up his pants while he walked, with his nasty brown underwear hanging out. EW.

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